When alone, I groan alone…

With these words I embark on my own, from time to time.
Groaning alone gives me the freedom to travel light, plan poorly and make some unpredicted last minute turns.

Groaning in public doesn't really get any better than this, I can do whatever suits me, play at any tempo I stumble upon and make as much a fool of myself as the situation requires.

Groan Alone has a 120+-song repertoire, digging deep into the Home Groan and HGH grab bag of original tunes I also add a bunch of future candidates or tunes I thought I'd forgotten. They come out differently on my own, some better some worse, it all depends who you ask, who's listening and how I feel. Listening to songs stripped down to the bare minimum often gives you a better insight in the song itself, and then again if they aren't willing to pay for a whole band…

Groan Alone has no official releases but songs are included on a few indie releases and I'll keep a couple of ditty's available for your cyber entertainment right here at homegroan.net

Stay tuned...

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Photo: B.Melbye
Photo: B.Melbye
Bjørn Melbye
Country Chris
Bjørn Melbye
Harald Sletterød
Hey Revolution Now!
Bjørn Melbye
Groan Alone as Lucinda Williams' opening act      

Martin Hagfors has penned more than 200 registered songs either by himself or in collaboration with the following artists;

The National Bank

The Respatexans
Askil Holm
The Hellbillies
Elisabeth Andreassen
Rock Bottom
Crow Town
Elin Tvedt
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