Astrodome Tracks

  • Move On
  • Klingers Blues
  • Astrodome
  • Maritime
  • Desert Sand
  • Kid
  • Art of Surprise
  • Acetonia
  • I Blew it
  • Jack's New England
  • Stale Ale
  • Notre Dame

Home Groan
Martin Hagfors: Vocals and guitars
Odd Eirik Fleischer: Bass and harmony vocals
Even Finsrud: Drums, piano and harmony vocals
Bengt Olsson: Electric guitar and harmony vocals

Additional groans and part time groaners
Terje Johannesen: Trumpet and electric guitar, Astrodome
Gebhardt: Banjo, Klingers Blues, I Blew it, Any Old Place
Lars Håvard Haugen: Electric 12 & 6 guitar/sitar, mandolin, I Blew it, Maritime
Jaga Jazzist: Horns, Acetonia, Kid
Roger Ludvigsen: Electric guitar, Move On
Gunn Sølvi Gausemel: Hardingfele, Acetonia, Maritime
Claudia Scott: Vocals, Maritime