01. The Darkest Sword 3:24
02. Maximum Amount 3:40
03. Emergency Exit 4:36
04. On and On She Goes 4:17
05. In the Heart of the Land 3:32
06. Pretty Little Human Weed 4:10
07. Foreign Legion Lovable Guy 4:45
08. Another Great Day 3:16
09. Prison Girl 4:41
10. Confession 4:01
11. Talking to Myself 4:55

Muddy Waters november 6

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All basic tracks recorded "live in studio" on Sept. 15, 16, 17 2002 in the classrooms of the old Øiseth school house, next door to the infamous Shabby Road studio of Kongsvinger Norway. Thanks to KAT.

All mixing and harmony vocals done at The Home Groan Studio in Spydeberg, Norway.

Produced by Martin Hagfors and Amos Trapper Osborne
Mastered by Egg + Bacon
Arranged by Home Groan
Cover by Håkon Hoffart
Web Page by Bjørn Melbye

Martin Hagfors; lead + high harmony vocals, acoustic +
electric guitar, harmonica
Even Finsrud; high harmony vocals, drums, cuatro guitar
(Another Great Day)
Bengt Olsson; mid harmony vocals, electric + acoustic guitar,
trash can (Another Great Day)
Odd Eirik Fleischer; low harmony vocals, bass guitar
Vidar Ersfjord; Rhodes piano, organ, plastic keys, melodica,
trombone, noise

Terje Johannesen; trumpet (Confession)

All songs written by Martin Hagfors
except «On and On She Goes» (Finsrud / Hagfors)
& © Home Groan Productions 2002

Home Groan would like to thank all of our fans, both on the inside and on the outside.